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Dancewave's innovative new Race & Dance Curriculum uses SEL-focused dance training, social justice-informed curricula and surveys to promote growth in self-esteem, confidence, and leadership while engaging with an antiracist advocacy framework.

Accessing sensitive topics. Cultivating personal growth for real world change.

Pilot Virtual Race & Dance Residencies
2020-2021 School Year


MS447 - Brooklyn - 7th graders
PS66x - Bronx - 5th graders
PS770 - Brooklyn - 5th graders


PS 108k - Brooklyn - 5th graders
PS317 - Queens - 5th graders
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School Administrator:

“This process was incredibly well organized, the lesson plans and overall curriculum were carefully thought-out, and I was impressed with the ability of Teaching Artists to jump into nuanced courageous conversations with a group of students they had only known for a few minutes. They were clearly well prepared for facilitating the conversations.”

School Administrator:

“How amazing was it to provide such engaging dialogue, movement and commitment on such a new and intimidating platform. Kudos, Dancewave staff!”

7th Grade Student:

“Dancewave is good at Teaching with a positive environment."

7th Grade Student:

“They were good at connecting social issues to dance" and "letting everybody get a chance to speak and feel a part of a community.”

Dancewave Race Dance Curriculum


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Dancewave provides access to supportive and empowering dance experiences that center social, emotional and cognitive development through movement. Developing programs to meet community needs, we use dance as a vehicle for transformation, expression, active citizenship and self reflection. Dancewave fosters a culture where dance is celebrated as a healing and inclusive art form.

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