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What makes Dancewave's Race & Dance Curriculum unique? 

We are gathering research data from students to track and interpret our program's impact on students' social emotional learning, wellbeing, leadership skills, and more.

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The Race & Dance Program encapsulates core Social Emotional Learning (SEL) capacities which are all interdependent and positively affect the development of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral factors in young peoples' lives.

Race & Dance student participants receive pre- and post-surveys to determine their level of growth in key areas:

· Core SEL - 62% growth
· Self-Management - 69% growth
· Academic Self-Efficacy - 69% growth
· Social Skills - 85% growth
· Positive Identity - 54% growth
· Community Contribution - 69% growth

Based off of data from 3 Pilot Race & Dance Residencies during the Fall 2020 semester only. Programmatic and Curriculum updates are constantly evolving in response to data to increase our students' benefit and growth in these areas.

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Survey data for Race & Dance is made possible through support from the Listen4Good initiative and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

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Dancewave provides access to supportive and empowering dance experiences that center social, emotional and cognitive development through movement. Developing programs to meet community needs, we use dance as a vehicle for transformation, expression, active citizenship and self reflection. Dancewave fosters a culture where dance is celebrated as a healing and inclusive art form.

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